How Loveland Startup Week Got Started

In 2015, the Made in Loveland group organized an event dedicated to entrepreneurship and Loveland’s history of entrepreneurs. The one day event was held on Sunday, May 31st and was hosted in Loveland CreatorSpace With four talks and a company showcase, the inaugural event was a rousing success with roughly 300 attendees throughout the day. The Made in Loveland Day started with a one day celebration of Loveland’s history of artists, creatives, and culture of innovation.  We have turned the one day recognition of the “made in Loveland” culture into a three day event in 2017! The startup week will kick off with Open Coffee every morning with plenty of collaboration and networking time. We will have opportunities for talks, panels, mentorship discussions, and socials to close off the day’s festivities. Made in Loveland is just getting started but the future of Loveland is limitless!

If you are interested in sponsoring Loveland Startup Week we would love to hear from you! Email us here »