Arts Track 2017

Our Arts Track this year is an experiment – more participatory and interactive than last year, with in-the-round discussions, panels, and workshops. The sessions will be longer, with time for quiet talk and interaction – good things emerging from the primordial schmooze. The broad theme is “A Renaissance in Your Arts Career”: the sessions explore opportunities to grow, change directions, find new collaborators, use technology in your art, reach new markets.

We’re organizing these sessions:

  • Our regional arts scene panel will discuss how the cities of Northern Colorado have developed distinctive venues, programs, emphasis, funding and support for their artists. These differences are opportunities to bring your art to wider markets.
  • Venue management: this panel will help performing artists understand the process of getting their work into the many venues of Northern Colorado.
  • A Renaissance in your arts career. This is an open, in-the-round, moderated discussion among practicing artists who have worked through the challenges of rethinking and redirecting their work. How do you know when it’s time for a change? Crisis or process? Can you successfully break into different media? Real lessons from your peers.
  • Collaboration: working with artists in other fields and media, including film. This session is still being organized but we’re excited about it.
  • Young musicians! Four local musical success stories, young performers and bands, will share their experiences about what it takes to become real, commercial success stories.
  • The Make a Video workshop will walk you through the actual process of making a video, from concept and planning to final edit. What can you do with your smart phone and tools at hand? When might you want to call in professional help?
  • Artist as Entrepreneur: use entrepreneurial tools such as lean startup to activate, energize, and market your art business!
  • Marketing workshop for artists – what you need to know about getting your work into galleries; selling beyond Loveland; how to talk to customers. Good, solid, practical stuff.
  • Technology in art. You can use technology in your content and your production processes. How do you do that? An in-the-round discussion with people who are doing it.

The Sched site will be up soon with dates and times!

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